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We are pleased to provide mobile butcher service to our local growers in North Idaho and Eastern Washington within 25 miles of our shop.  Please see our Custom Processing page for additional prices regarding cut/wrap and order options.

Requirements for Butcher Appointments:

*Kill Fees are due at time of service*

    Beef $150 -under 1000lbs hanging weight

             $250 -over 1000lbs and emergencies

    Hog $115 -under 300lb hanging weight

             $150 -over 300lbs and emergencies


* Animals for butcher must be penned up/ separated, easily accessible with truck and trailer. Please understand it is your responsibility to have animals ready to go, providing a safe environment, as we will not put any persons, other animals or properties at risk.

Mobile butcher fee starting at $25
Waste disposal: $25 beef, $15 per hog

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