Beef Pricing:

*Kill Fee (local)   $125    (Beef hanging 1000+lbs and emergencies $250)

Cut/Wrap             $0.85/LB  (Split Side Quarter fee $15 each)

Lamb/Goat/Alpaca Pricing:

Flat Rate for Kill/Cut/Wrap  $130

Hog Pricing:

*Kill Fee (local)  $80  (Hogs hanging over 300lbs and emergencies $125)

 Cut/Wrap           $0.85/LB

Cure/Smoke       $1.00/LB

Includes 1 choice bulk sausage: Breakfast, Sweet Italian, German


Specialty Sausage: 

German, Potato, HOT Italian, Polish, Brat, Pepperoni, Pepperstick, Jalapeno, Teriyaki 


Anything with cheese (Cheddar dogs, Jalapeno Cheddar, Chili Cheese, etc) $4.00/LB

Special BULK add  $0.75/LB

Fresh Link              $1.75/LB (stuffed hog casing)

Smoked Link          $3.75/LB (stuffed hog casing)

Summer/Salami      $3.75/LB

Snackstick              $4.00/LB

*Cut/Wrap Includes:

breaking, cutting, trimming, deboning, rolling/tying, scraping (steaks, chops, etc), stretch film, lined butcher wrap, labels, and boxes.

(Sorry, no poultry)